The perfect spoiler

Hillary may be facing an uphill battle against Barack Obama, but at least on Super Tuesday II, Senator Rodham had the effects of a heavy dose of Alli on Senator Obama’s sprint toward inevitability.

Facing some genuine press criticism for the first time, Obama’s no longer getting a free pass by the media. And with a Rush Limbaugh-inspired crossover voting effort, Senator Rodham, as I write this, has already been declared the winner in Rhode Island and Ohio, and seems the likely winner in Texas.

While the Clinton campaign is unlikely to credit, or even acknowledge, Rush’s role in her reversal of fortune, there’s no doubt that the conservative talker had an influence in getting a large number of Texas GOPers to vote Democrat for a day in an attempt to extend the Obama-Rodham bloodbath.

Meanwhile, McCain quietly sewed up the GOP nomination, forcing Huckabee to drop out and endorse him; President Bush is expected to endorse McCain on Wednesday. With all last-shot challengers banquished, the Republican front runner can now save campaign funds and present a calm front on his side of the aisle as speculation turns not to primary results, but potential running mates and other “smooth sailing” concerns, including building a campaign war chest for the battle ahead.

The Dems, meanwhile, will continue having to spend big to make up their minds between Hillary and Obama.

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