How to lose to a guy in 10 weeks

Hillary Rodham may yet see a movie made of her campaign. With Kate Hudson starring as Hills, opposite perhaps Denzel Washington or Cuba Gooding Jr. as Barack Obama. It could be a follow-up to Hudson’s romantic comedy, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.”

Only, in this case, it would be called, “How to Lose to a Guy In 10 Weeks.”

Senator Rodham will soon be laid up in a back rack from the whiplash the Dem voters are giving her; and now, she perhaps knows how former Democrat loyalist Joe Lieberman felt a couple years ago.

Hills is a dyed-in-the-wool, socialist liberal, but she made one voting mistake; voting to support the war on terror. Obama, who has never been called on this, constantly points out that he never supported the war, “from the beginning.”

Hold on, Senator Obama, but you weren’t a US Senator back then! Sure, while you were serving in the Illinois congress, you may have been annoyed by the war, may have even opposed it, but you weren’t in a federal office to vote on the issue.

This overstatement is so obvious, and Hills’ team so afraid to critique Obama on the issues, that even though the statement is a whopper, no one has even once turned to him and said, “Senator Obama, I was a US Senator when that vote was cast. You weren’t.”

Seems simple enough. But for her lack of courage to even say the bloody obvious, Hillary’s campaign is going down in flames. I don’t weep for her, but it is things like this that have put her where she is.

Perhaps when Hudson’s movie version hits the screen, she’ll dump a philandering Bill, steal Obama from his wife, and marry her way into the White House once again, just like the faux femanist she’s always been.

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