X-Ray eyes watching you!

A new surveillance camera developed in Great Britain make help airport security in the fight against global terrorism, but could also make some folks uncomfortable; it reportedly can see through clothes.

While the technology was developed to detect concealed weapons and other contraband, rather than to determine whether to give you a copy of a book on how to lose weight, it no doubt will make some people – especially women travelers – a bit nervous and just how much it can see under clothing.

Of course, the technology has been there for decades; I remember first coming across it in a comic book as a kid; for only $5.00, back then, you could order those goofy glasses that gave you X-ray vision, just like Superman, so you could spy on your own personal Lois Lane.

A bit seemy, to be sure, but the T5000 camera costs quite a bit more, these days. It’s price runs into the high five figures per unit.

And yes, the comic book thing was a joke, people. Smile once in a while.

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