CO2 is not a pollutant

One of the most ridiculous claims made by Algore and his mind-numbed zittoheads is that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a pollutant and a major source of global warming. A little market research would tell even a rather simple-minded child this assertion is false on its face. To quote Wikipedia on the subject:

Carbon dioxide is produced by all animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms during respiration and is used by plants during photosynthesis. This is to make sugars which may either be consumed again in respiration or used as the raw material for plant growth. It is, therefore, a major component of the carbon cycle.

All living organisms produce CO2 simply by exhaling. But what is waste-gas to us is food for plant life! Without CO2, plant life would perish, which includes all major food sources for organic life. This is the work of a pollutant? I think not.

CO2, it is true, can be deadly to humans in too high a concentration over a prolonged period, but it is not a pollutant. The simple fact is that each year, volcanic eruptions distribute more alleged ozone-depleting chemicals into the atmosphere than has any human activity from the time of the industrial revolution to present. To say human activity and human-caused CO2 production is the cause of global warming is naive, underinformed and outright false.

Truth is, CO2 is found most heavily in the Earth’s oceans, and through the evaporation cycle, the world’s oceans themselves pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than volcanoes, industry and cow farts combined.

Are we clear, yet?

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