Antisemite Carter on “hug a terrorist” tour

Instead of promoting Viagra for doing commercials for natural acne treatments, former President and antisemite Jimmy Carter is spending a week or so in the Middle East, visiting with as many mortal enemies of Israel as he can manage to fit into his schedule, despite the fact that he hasn’t been president in over 27 years.

While his meetings with Hamas are being covered by the liberal media as though they mean something, the truth is that the US opposes Carter’s trip and have made clear that he does not represent official US policy. Of course, anyone who thinks Carter is doing this purely to frustrate President Bush doesn’t have a very long memory; Carter has been a pain in the keister to sitting presidents ever since Reagan took office, and even flouted the Clinton Administration – a fellow Democrat – to promote his own agenda.

The older he gets, the more embarrassing James Earl Carter becomes; his recent spate of antisemitic writings and actions only further besmirch the post-presidential career of a man who, although liberal, at least used to have my respect. Now, that is simply no longer the case.

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