CBS shows support for Couric … she’s doomed

Top CBS brass recently held a “pep rally” in support of their albatross of an anchor, Katie Couric. The communist in cotton, also known as Pravda’s sweetheart of the West, Couric’s helped CBS Evening News become a boat anchor instead of being its anchor, and word is that CBS will dump Couric shortly after the 2008 elections.

Heck, Couric’s numbers are lower than Bob Schiffer’s, and he was about 120. The big question is, once they dump Couric, where do they turn next. If CBS were serious about turning it’s news program, I’d suggest they turn to NBC a second time, and hire themselves another morning host.

But not a Today personality; I’m talking Sunday, not weekday. There’s just simply no one better qualified to become a network news anchor than Meet the Press’ Tim Russert. The man may be a former Democrat political operative – and outside of Fox News, what network news guy or gal isn’t? – but Russert has demonstrated an admirable knack for asking tough questions of both Demorats and Republicans. Hiring Russert would give CBS a fighting chance against Brian Williams and Charles Gibson.

There may be a few journalists who have more credibility than Russertt, but they’re all old as the earth and spent their time on Caribbean cruises, not digging up stories anymore.

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