The CNN crackup

As though the humiliation of being beaten so thoroughly by Fox News in the ratings every night isn’t bad enough, CNN is going through a major crackup. At this very moment, two separate stories are breaking that indicate the earth-moving going on at CNN Center in Atlanta.

First comes this tidbit from Yahoo news, about a CNN reporter being arrested on a drug bust: “Richard Quest, 46, was arrested around 3:40 a.m. on a count of possession of a controlled substance — a misdemeanor that usually refers to a personal use amount of a drug. He was also charged with loitering; the park officially closes at 1 a.m.”

Well, at least he wasn’t writing fiction and publishing it in the New York Tmies as though it were Gospel, like a certain New York Times reporter did a few years ago. What the world wouldn’t give to see what else was on Jayson Blair’s USB flash drive.

As though that weren’t enough, CNN’s Jack Cafferty has many in China and some Chinese Americans calling for his head on a silver platter after making derogatory remarks against China recently. Never mind the basis in truth of many of his comments; Cafferty’s problem is that he’s become a newsmaker rather than a news reporter. That’s not CNN’s style, which is, if you’re going to say anything derogatory about anyone, just make sure it’s a Republican and no one else.

Anyone who had any doubts that CNN is a losing news organization can now at least rest in the fact that many of them are losers. OK, enough blogging… time to tune into Hannity’s America and Bill O’Reilly.

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