Soliah must stay in prison

A few months ago, it appeared SLA terrorist and faux-hockey mom Kathleen Ann Soliah, referred to in the SLA-loving local liberal press by her fake name, Sara Jane Olson, might have been the beneficiary of a “Get out of jail free” card.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cecil, in a rare case of judicial sanity, rejected the arguments of Soliah’s attorneys and said the fashionable terrorist had to return to prison. Despite remaining a fugitive for over 25 years, Soliah was finally tracked down and arrested in 2001 in Minnesota, where she had married, had children and tried to blend anonymously into society as hockey mom Sara Jane Olson.

Despite serving only seven years so far, Soliah tried to take advantage when she was released in error on March 2008, where she remained free for five days before being re-arrested in Los Angeles, where she was hoping to fly back to Minnesota. Her proper release date was calculated to be March 2009, not March 2008.

Soliah was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of explosives, explosion and attempt to ignite an explosive with intent to murder for the crimes she commited while in the SLA in the 1970s. Even with the extra year yet to serve, it’s a small amount of time for someone who had a hand in such violent crimes; she should remain behind bars sweating at the fitness equipment, rather than a year away from freedom, but at least California has decided Soliah is as least one blonde woman they won’t set free after less than a day and a half-hearted crying jag. (See Paris Hilton, among others.)

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