Tax hike supporter Franken taxed by taxes

If he were a certain type of celebrity, Al Franken, hoping to secure the DFL endorsement to run against GOP Senator Norm Coleman, could blame this oversight on a stint in drug rehab. But Franken has no such convenient excuse to fall back on.

As the next socialist hoping to be elected from the state of Minnesota, Al Franken, who supports taxing the rich into an early grave, and then taxing the remainder out of their heirs, has fallen afoul of his own pet policy, taxes.

The PioneerPress is reporting that Franken owes over $70,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest; apparently amorphous Al attempted to pay taxes only in the state where he primarily worked and not in all the states in which he earned money. This interstate-taxation scheme, dreamed up by socialist tax-n-spenders like Franken himself, has finally nipped one if its proponents in the rear.

Franken has said he will pay off the $70,000; it will be interesting to see if he still says rich people like him are not paying, “their fair share.”

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