Thoughts on summer

Well, the Kentucky Derby has been run, Minnesota has enjoyed its fishing opener and around this time of year, my thought are not always 100 percent on politics or blogging, but on fun summertime activities I can do with my wife.

One of the big disappointments we went through last year was not having enough time out on the lakes, fishing and having other types of summer fun. We live in a state that has over 10,000 lakes, so that’s pretty much inexcusable, save for the fact that we simply weren’t doing well financially last year.

This summer’s not starting out much better, to be honest, but we’re looking into ways to have fun without all the expense. For example, instead of wishing we could afford time on a pontoon or owned a bass boat, we’ve started to consider the possibility of fishing in inflatable boats. Sure, one has to be careful with their hooks, but these days it takes more than one stray, miscast hook to upset an inflatable boat; they’re made of more rugged stuff that they once were.

Financially, it’s also a much better deal; they cost a lot less than a JetSki or a bass boat or even a basic AlumnCraft. And, as apartment dwellers, an inflatable boat stores easily when it’s not being used, whereas you just can’t own a more traditional watercraft when you live in an apartment.

Maintenance is also a time-saver; traditional boats take a much greater amount of time to maintain, from waxing and scraping to cleaning undesirable algaes from them; inflatable boats require no waxing or scraping, and water plantlife is far more easily removed.

It’s definitely a concept to ponder.

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