Could Hillary be ready to bag it?

New York Senator Hillary Rodham may, at long last, be ready to bag her presidential bid for the White House. Despite being projected to win today in West Virginia and Kentucky, Clinton seems to be sending subtle hints that she knows she’s beaten and it’s only Operation Chaos Republicans crossing over to keep her bid alive.

Mrs. Clinton, in desperate need of some top wrinkle cream after a grueling primary season that may end in a way other than she hoped for, has been actively campaigning in West Virginia and Kentucky, but has not mentioned plans to appear in Montana, Puerto Rico and South Dakota, the last rung of states that round out the Democratic primary season.

Her opponent, Barack Obama, whose wife Michelle has apparently vetoed a possible Clinton VP spot for Hillary, has already re-focused his campaign on Sen. John McCain and on November’s general election. Well, at least Operation Chaos was fun while it lasted.

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