The Chaos continues

After Hillary swept the Kentucky primary and Obama obliterated her in Oregon, two things are clear. One, Hillary has taken the clear lead in the Democratic popular vote, and two, Obama now has enough pledged delegates that Hillary can’t beat him without nearly all of the unpledged superdelegates hopping over to her side.

That’s unlikely to happen; with Howard (EEEEEE-AHHHHHH!) Dean running the party (and subscribing to more than a couple wine clubs), he seems intent on cleansing the party of Clinton influences and Obama is the beneficiary of his efforts.

That said, this whole thing would have been over several weeks ago, had it not been for Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos efforts to draw the Democratic nominating process out as long as possible by encouraging GOP voters to “become Democrats for a day” in states where they are able, and vote for Hillary to prevent Obama from locking up the nomination too early.

All I can say is, “Thanks, Rush!” The bloom is definitely off the rose for both Hillary and Obama. Obama’s currently running like Hillary’s already conceded, while Sen. Rodham announced she intended to stay in the race following her dominant Kentucky win that helped vault her into the popular vote lead among Democratic voters.

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