Hillary “with cow”

When women get pregnant, it is often said that they are “with child.” While Sen. Rodham is beyond her child-bearing years, she’s not beyond this kind of pregnancy. Going directly against the sage advice of Bart Simpson, presidential wishful Hillary Rodham, the senator from New York, is currently “having a cow” over her apparent loss to Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency.

So hopefully she hasn’t thrown away all her 20-something-year-old maternity clothes from when she had Chelsea, because this looks to be one tough bull for her.

Despite claiming an advantage in the popular vote among Democratic primaries and caucuses, the fact is that Sen. Rodham cannot overtake Sen. Obama in the delagate count unless nearly all the super-delagates go her way.

That’s why she’s crying over the spilled milk of the Florida and Michigan primaries now; without them, she can’t win. Of course, it also shows weakness on the part of Sen. Obama’s campaign, since he can’t win with them counted.

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