J.C. Watts backing black news channel

J.C. Watts, the Oklahoma Republican who served at one time as the chairman of the House Republican Conference, has announced plans to start an all-black news network that will be carried initially in several major markets through Comcast, beginning in 2009.

Tentatively called the Black Television News Channel, in an interview with the New York Post, Watts said, “I’m not so sure that you see anything on CNN or Fox News that specifically targets the African-American community. Our community features millions of people with all kinds of backgrounds. There’s a much broader segment of the population than what we see in mainstream news.”

Given Watts’ solid conservative credentials, it will be interesting to see if the network he’s helping to launch with be just another liberal sound chamber, or a truly balanced news network that will reflect a wide diversity of views, not just ethnicity.

Thus far, no financial, executive, or on-air talent details have been announced. Personally, while an alternate-voice news channel’s a fine idea, I’d rather see Watts running for the White House alongside McCain, ready to step into the big chair once McCain leaves politics to hawk senior life insurance.

Unlike Obama, Watts is a man of wide and respectable experience and accomplishments, who is more than ready to sit in the Oval Office. And he’s a darn sight more conservative than John “Bradshaw” McCain will ever be.

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