Kerry as Secretary of State?

Reason number 47 not to vote for Barack Obama: the latest rumblings in Washington are that former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is angling to become secretary of state, should Barack Obama acheive the White House in November. Just the notion of John Kerry taking over as secretary of state after a fine run by Condeleeza Rice is so earth shaking, it nearly knocked my HDMI wall plate loose!

Kerry, who is close to Obama and aligned himself with Obama against Clinton early on, is currently running for re-election to his senatorial term in Massachusetts, but if Obama were to win and place Kerry in Condi’s office, Massachusetts might have to brace to replacing two senators with fresh new faces, given Ted Kennedy’s recent diagnosis with a malignant brain tumor.

One has to think that, under the circumstances, Mitt Romney might be better served in the long term by running for US Senate in Massachusetts, rather than running alongside McCain this fall. If nothing else, it could be a fall-back plan for Romney, if McCain loses.

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