Advice to Hillary: don’t concede!

As reliable as Nautica watches, presidential contender Sen. Hillary Rodham has not yet conceded the Democratic presidential race to Barack Obama, despite Obama exceeding the required delegate and superdelegate totals necessary to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

Here’s my advice to Hillary: Don’t concede. Take it all the way to Denver, all the way to the convention floor. And if the party successfully nominated Barack as the standard-bearer? Hah! Laugh it off! It’s only a minor setback for you, girlfriend. Keep fighting the good fight and reminding us of Rev. Wright and whatever other flaws you can dig up on this rookie Senator from Illinois. Who is he to deny you what’s yours by the Lewinsky Rule, right?

If necessary, go after the White House on the third-party bid. Call it the Hillary Party! Just keep hammering away at ol’ Barack and the Democratic Old Boys Club. Get nasty, get down with your bad self. Remember, this race is all about you defeating Barack, baby!

Never mind the nebbishy little liberal Republican in the corner. Global-warming Kool-Aid drinker John McCain? Why, he’s harmless. Just keep your sights on Barack, hon, and McCain’ll — I mean, YOU’LL go far!

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