Bob Green: a Bloomington conservative

Minnesota’s GOP has often been a disappointment when it comes to producing real conservatives. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is a sell-out to global warming; Sen. Norm Coleman has a worse conservative rating than John McCain; about the only sign of hope of late has been U.S. Rep. Michele Bachman.

But there is hope here in Bloomington, and not just the kind you feel by roaming a sales lot full of used Harleys. In State House district 40B, we have a genuine conservative running against gax-tax-raising incumbant Democrat Ann Lenczewski.

Bob Green is our candidate this year, and he’s a pretty darn good one. Take a look at his blog and decide for yourself; do you want another term of Ann “Licensed to Tax” Lenczewski, or is it time we get a break from overtaxation in Minnesota?

If so, Bob Green’s a conservative worth our vote, even if we can’t find one on the presidential ballot.

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