Congress approval at all-time low

Forget everything everyone in the mainstream media is saying. Completely.

“This is a Democratic year?” Forget it. All bets are off.

That’s because, for the first time ever, Congress has an approval rating of only 9 percent. That’s single digits, my friend. This Congress is despised. And it’s lead by the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid… both Dems.

So if anyone out there still thinks the nation is in the bag for the Democratic Party this year, forget about it. All bets are off.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily cut well for the GOP, either; I think the folks most in danger are incumbants, regardless of party affiliation. If you’re already in office, this could be the year some newcomer takes over your seat… regardless of party.

Considering that there are more incumbant Dems in Congress not than Republicans, it could cut well for the GOP; but not if the GOP keeps running like they’re the Democrat Lite party. That’s what got the GOP kicked out two years ago in the first place.

It’s time to offer people a choice, rather than acting like a bunch of teenagers wasted on horse supplements.

This is conservatism’s time to shine; be bold, be conservative, be different than the incumbants, and conservatives can make real headway this year.

Bottom line? Drill here, drill now, pay less!

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