Schwarzenegger embraces green politics

“Acting” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has become everything the Democrats could hope for; the latest example is a recent blast against President Bush for not embracing Algore’s global warming mythology. He did everything to embrace the green movement but wear organic equestrian clothing.

“This administration did not believe in global warming,” Schwarzenegger told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview that will air Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Exactly, Arnold. That’s because, contrary to Gore’s propeganda campaign, there is no concensus on global warming, and there are now more climate scientists, meteorologists and other scientific types signed up opposing global warming as a valid scientific conclusion as Gore claimed there was who signed on to it.

And here’s the dirty little secret of Gore’s propeganda lies: a goodly number of scientists who he claimed with on board with a “concensus on global warming,” have changed their stripes and are now part of the “no, it’s not a concensus” movement.

Hint for future reference: the way to tell if Algore, and zittohead governors like Arnold, are lying is simple… if their lips are moving, you can bank on the dishonesty spewing forth.

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