The latest Minnesota pickpocket scheme

Beware, Minnesota! The liberals are at it again, this time with Vote Yes Minnesota, a lobbying effort to pass a state amendment that would hike state sales tax and dedicate the extra money to outdoors and arts concerns.

It’s not enough, apparently, that Minnesota bamboozled voters into passing a transportation amendment that overfunds light rail and underfunds highways two years ago; now they want to raise the state sales tax and dedicate the funds to DFL special interests? It’s criminal and it’d be like giving the state an unrestricted passport to our private bank accounts.

Minnesota is already overtaxed; now they want to overtax us even more, to benefit “the arts” and “outdoors” of all things?

And you can bet by “outdoors,” they don’t mean increasing hunting and fishing; it’ll result in buying up land, declaring them nature preserves, and preventing the very outdoor activities that are supposed to make life in Minnesota enjoyable.


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