The nine-percent solution

The media is eager to tell you how unpopular President Bush is; they’ll trumpet it from the rooftops each time he drops another point. But the dirty little secret is, he’s over three times as popular as the Democratic Congress.

According to the latest Rasmussen Report, President George W. Bush holds only a 32-percent approval rating, down one point from a month ago, when he held a 33-percent approval rating. That’s not good.

But here’s something worse: the Democrat-controlled Congress has an approval rating in the latest Rasmussen Report of only 9 percent; that’s terrible. Congress began the year with only a 15-percent approval rating and has lost another six points since then. It is the first time in history that Congress has received such low approval ratings, and President Bush is 3.6 times more popular than Congress right now.

Which leads us to the most obvious question: why, exactly, are we watching both the GOP and the Democrats nominate folks for the White House who are part of this worst-ever Congress in US History? Both John McCain and Barack Obama have been part of this worst-ever Congress; why in the world does anyone think either of them deserve a promotion?

What would be worlds better is what has always worked best: nominate successful governors and go with the Washington outsider approach. Because right now, while Congress is busy setting aside Congressional earmarks for some whack-job scientist to investigate the mystery of the best acne treatment, most of America is mad as hell, and if it lasts till November, they may not put up with any of these incumbants anymore, Democrat or Republican.

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