Warming revisionism continues

Oliver Tickell, a true Algore zittohead, of the UK Guardian, wrote recently that in a planet only four degrees Celsius warmer, all we can do is, “prepare for extinction.”

OK, good, great, thanks for that. Then let’s drop the politics and enjoy the time we have left, shall we?

Let’s put that to the test. As I write this, it is a pleasant 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside my home office. That’s 22 degrees Celsius. And if it were four degrees Celsius warmer? Well, that’d make it 26 degrees Celsius and… 78 degrees Fahrenheit! Oh my God, head for the hills and don’t forget granny! Especially considering it was warmer than that all last week.

Heaven forbid we enter another period of time like the Medieval Warm Period (CE 800-1300), when Europe thrived and only doom-saying liberals were out of work. Why that’d be… paradise?

It seems no matter how much evidence flies in the face of their conclusions, global warming nuts like Algore and acolytes like Tickell will bend themselves into contortions to make anything that happens fit their theory. In early propaganda efforts, Gore was promoting double-digit warming numbers as though they were established, scientific fact.

Then the real scientists started speaking up and we found out that, at worst, it was more like a one-degree shift upward that peaked in the early 1990s and has been on the decline in the past decade or so. In fact, let us not forget that the winder of 2007-08 was so cold, it wiped out nearly a century of so-called global warming; the planetary temperature dropped a whole degree.

While Tickell’s piece, which would be more interesting reading if her were writing up a list of best diet pills, is still pushing warming, other pieces are now starting to attempt to incorporate global cooling – like a sudden new ice age – as fitting in with their theory.

Beware global warming, folks: you just might freeze to death! What idiocy.

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