Anti-semitic Carter to speak to Dems

No matter what position Barack Obama takes on Israel, actions speak louder than words and that’s why the party’s plans to have former President and current antisemitic hate-monger Jimmy Carter address the Democratic National Convention next Monday is so disappointing. is in agreement with the Republican Jewish Coalition on calling for the Democratic party to remove Carter from the Denver convention program. Here is part of the RJC press release:

“Jimmy Carter’s long history of anti-Israel bias has rendered him unfit to address the Democratic Convention. It is incumbent upon the Democratic Party leadership and Senator Obama to remove Carter from the program in Denver. The Democratic Party and Senator Obama’s continued embrace of Carter and his anti-Israel bias sends a troubling message to the Jewish community. It stands in stark contrast to the GOP and John McCain’s pro-Israel stance,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “Additionally, Senator Obama should reject Carter’s superdelegate vote. The hand that shook Khaled Meshal’s should not be allowed to rise in support of Senator Obama’s candidacy for president.”

We can even suggest some good moving services if Carter has already unpacked at his Denver hotel room. Next thing you know, the Democratic Party will be inviting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to give a keynote address and put Obama’s name into nomination. Yeesh.

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