Obama’s startling originality

Yup, Barack Obama is startlingly original, a politician unlike any other before him, a political messiah we are completely unworthy to have grace us with his very presence. And Obama demonstrated that Thursday by charging that John McCain, his likely opponent this fall, is “too rich and out of touch with regular Americans.”

My L-RD and my Obama! Such words have never been spoken before that so clearly lay out the difference and dichotomy between Democrats and Republicans. You mean to say that McCain is “rich and out of touch”? Why, I can’t even imagine anyone else ever saying that! Such truths would be great vote generators! But then, I have no short-term memory, so I’m not even sure of my name.

You guessed it, “rich and out of touch” has been hurled against Republicans since honest Abe first ran for office.

Oh, and remember, folks, this is the same Barack Obama who, not that long ago, claimed that middle Americans are a bunch of hicks who cling to God and religion and… ehh, whatever other nonsense he spewed that day. And Obama calling McCain rich? That’s … rich.

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