We cannot tax our way to lower gas prices

It’s almost comical if it weren’t so serious: no matter what the issue, Democrats today offer the same solution for all ills: raising taxes “on the rich.”

Of course, they’ll never stop to tell you that to be considered rich, by them, all you need is a two-income family where each spouse makes an average of $45,000, no matter how many or how few kids they have.

The gas price crisis is the latest example of liberals’ one solution fits all approach to life and politics. With the recent $4.00/gallon gas price crisis, instead of embracing domestic drilling, Dems led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid both voted to go on vacation rather than act on any measure with real solutions for the problem.

Their solution, other than a couple weeks in Maui following a week in Denver? Raising taxes on domestic oil companies.

OK, other than lining their personal pockets, how exactly does that bring down the price of gas? It doesn’t; in fact, it would skyrocket oil prices by at least another 50 cents. That’s no solution for real, working Americans.

For decades, Democrats have coasted on the false cliche that Republicans are “for the rich” and Dems are “fighting for the little guy.” That’s just not true, and this is the latest example.

Dems are not fighting for “the little guy” by stonewalling domestic drilling; they’re not even proposing to punish the right people with their tax increase. (It’s OPEC, not domestic oil companies, who are setting the world supply and price levels, after all.)

No, they’ll fight for the Sierra Club, Algore’s zittoheads, teachers unions and whoever else comes along. But if they ever till you they’re “for the little guy,” remember that it’s the single mom of two, working two jobs and still unable to make ends meet with fuel prices so high, who’s the sort of “regular Joe or Jane” getting hurt most by $4.00/gallon gas.

Oh, and that whole rationale about domestic drilling not bearing anything fruit for “at least five to seven years?” Well, on the first part, it’s false; but even if it were true, shouldn’t that be even more motivation to begin efforts now?

After all, gas prices have nearly doubled in just under two years; just imagine where they’ll be if we continue sitting on our hands and taking no action for the next “five to seven years.” Democrats shouldn’t even be trusted to sell acne products competently.

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