What kind of “leader” is Obama?

If you’re wondering what kind of leader Barack Obama is, one need look no further than how he caved to the Clintons on the convention. On a week that should be about him, Obama gave away half of the convention to the woman he defeated, and her husband. Here’s the real stinger: it was more than they even asked for.

About the only demand he didn’t buckle to was a less-than-sober suggestion, late at night, that Obama offer his acceptance speech wearing some hot lingerie. No one knows if that suggestion was offered by the former president or the current senator, but at least Sen. Obama has the sense to say no to something.

Don’t mistake this for generosity; Barack Obama has little love for the Clintons, but the fear of losing votes to disgruntled Hillary supporters has him leaving his nice gray suits sopping wet at night. This is how Obama reacts to a little political pressure from someone he defeated.

Imagine that “strength of will” being tested by Mahmoud Ahmadinijad! Or Osama bin Laden! Heck, he’d not only withdraw from Iraq, but offer them Florida and Texas as an interest payment. Some “leader.”

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