Franken wants to hike your taxes, avoid his own

US Senate candidate Al Franken, the angry, partisan liberal Democrat, needs to put his mouth on diet pills. The man who once thought it witty to entitle a book “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big, Fat Idiot” is proving to be a better fit to such charges.

After avoiding his own tax burden in 17 states – something he might never have corrected had he not run for office – Franken has been admitting his desire to raise taxes all over the place. In fact, speaking of an increase in the gas tax, Franken recently said, “I don’t think people would notice it much.”

Just like you didn’t notice that you hadn’t paid your taxes in 17 different states, Al? Please. I guess if you’re not paying taxes to begin with, it really is painless when the rate is raised.

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