Palin’s the ticket

Let it never be said that can’t admit that it was wrong. A few months ago, someone posted a comment to one of my articles insisting that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would make the perfect running mate to John McCain.

I did some brief research into her background and basically pooh-poohed the idea. Why? Well, first I got some bad info on her; I was under the impression that, despite some otherwise nice conservative credentials, she was a global warming sell-out.

Turns out, that’s not the case. While she acknowledges the importance of climate change, she stated in her convention address that she doesn’t believe it’s man-made. At least that’s a middle-ground stance I can live with.

While my instincts are usually more reliable than life insurance quotes, I have to admit that as I learned more about Palin, I’ve become more and more impressed.

With only two years as governor under her belt, I certainly think 2012 would have been a better year for her, as well as for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindall. But there’s no position better in this nation to train for the presidency than to be someone else’s running mate and vice-president. still has a sea of reservations about John McCain himself; yet with Palin on the ticket, we can at least trust there will be a solid conservative as his presumptive successor once his term is over – assuming McCain-Palin win. Can’t count those votes before they’re cast, after all.

And it does pose an interesting scenario for 2012. If McCain decides not to go for a second term, there is a very good chance that the GOP ticket next time around could be Palin-Jindall. For a Reagan conservative like me, that would be a dream come true.

And with a ticket like that in 2012, the charge could never again be made that the GOP is a home only to “angry white men.” Take that and stick it in your ear, Dems! Who’s the party of diversity now?

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