Tzipi Livni wins party chair

Call her Israel’s Hillary Clinton; call her Israel’s Sarah Palin; but whatever you call her, remember that the title is now Ms Prime Minister. Israel foreign minister Tzipi Livni survived a primary battle to become the new head of the moderate Kadima Party and will spend the next few weeks forming a coalition government, or face the threat of early national elections.

With a bottle of Leptovox nowhere in sight, the Israeli centrist will be pressed hard to move a bit to the right by the Ultra-Orthodox Shas party and its leader, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, who has made it clear he wants no compromising on ceding territory in Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Former prime minister and current conservative Likud Party leader Binyamin Netanyahu has already called for Livni to order a new round of general elections, which makes an alliance with the Likud Party unlikely in the formation of a coalition government.

Livni is not the first female prime minister of Israel; that honor belongs to Golda Meier.

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