SNL crosses line with Palin family

Saturday Night Live is a comedy show, and their job is making people laugh. Trouble is, comedy either works well or makes you look like an ass, and a skit on SNL last Saturday was more of the donkey variety than the guffaw variety.

In the skit, apparently meant to poke fun at liberal media bias, guest star James Franco plays a New York Times assignment editor who approves baseless stories against the Palin family. The trouble is the subject matter that SNL chose as a plot device for the skit: they “baseless story” was that Gov. Palin’s husband, Todd Palin, was having incestuous affairs with all of the Palin daughters.

Swing and a miss, SNL: incest isn’t funny. But since it’s off your radar due to the target being a Republican, ask your self this: would you have ran with the sketch if it had alleged Barry Obama had been sleeping with his daughters?

Thought not.

But then, this is what you get when you staff a comedy sketch show with Al Franken and a bunch of liberals with Atlanta resumes and New York addresses.

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