US Dollar on the rebound

While much talk has been bandied about regarding the troubled US stock market and economy, we have not yet experienced a 2008 Black Friday; in fact, there are some encouraging signs in the marketplace, believe it or not.

According to a Times UK article, the British pound, which peaked earlier this year at over $2.00 in value compared to the US dollar, fell to $1.7962 against the dollar, a 10-day low and a sharp decline from the earlier high this year.

The Euro also fell against the US dollar, closing at $1.4340 today (Monday).

While it’s far too early to declare the US dollar out of trouble, it is showing signs of a potential resurgence. This should be an encouraging signs, if the trend continues, in the months ahead; not that the mainstream liberal US media will mention it until after the election is over.

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