Last debate may ride on “Joe the plumber”

John McCain hung all his November chances against Barack Obama on Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher last week in the final presidential debate before the November presidential election. Joe the Plumber is the person who questioned Obama at a campaign rally about the effect Obama’s tax policies would have on him if he buys out the business he currently works for.

Obama’s response at the time was that, “we want to spread the wealth around,” a reply that didn’t exactly strike many as a pro-capitalism statement. Since the debate, the mainstream media has begun an all-out assault on Wurzelbacher, researching and publicizing his flaws and failings more thoroughly than they’ve dissected either candidate this political season.

During an appearance on Fox News over the weekend, Wurzelbacher said, “Hopefully they’ll have me to thank for it as far as telling people to get out and find their own answers. That’s where I hope they go with it.”

That’s a bit more ambitious, it seems, than trading Thanksgiving recipes.

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