McCain narrowing gap

Ever since the last debate and the Joe the Plumber episode, McCain has been narrowing the gap between himself and Barack Obama; top major pollsters, John Zogby and Gallup, now put the race at only +3 for Obama, well within the margin of error.

I’m never a big believer in polls, but traditional wisdom is that, at this point, if the Democrat candidate isn’t up by double-digits, they are running a campaign that is in trouble, since the late swing traditionally goes toward the more conservative candidate in the race. McCain, due in large part to running mate Sarah Palin, just barely qualifies.

Of course, I still believe most of these polls oversample Democrats, so the danger for Obama could be even more significant than is believed. But ultimately, the only poll that counts in the national vote in November.

See you all at the polls, and on the screen of a Sony Vaio! Happy voting, America!

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