Powell defects GOP, endorses Obama

Former Gen. and former GOP Secretary of State Colin Powell defected from the GOP for good this past weekend, endorsing Barack Obama for president. While not exactly a slim shots spokesperson, Powell’s alliance with the GOP has always been tenuous at best; he cozied up to the Clintons without changing his party alliance in the 1990s, yet consented to serve at W’s Secretary of State during Bush’s first term.

Now, all such alliances with the GOP are null and void as the wishy-washy Powell has endorsed a candidate who, in the last session of Congress, compiled the most liberal voting record in the US Senate. Apparently ideology has little impact on Powell, who has over the years become more addicted to the beltway spotlight than to a particular political ideology.

Oh well. Maybe now the spotlight can shine on other deserving, and far more loyal, members of the GOP.

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