Coleman-Franken: The ACORN Recount

Just hearing political pornographer Al Franken speak is enough to make a person run away and burn some fat, even if it’s not the best fat burner. But in a recount upon which could ride the potential of a filibuster-proof Democratic US Senate, there’s plenty of nauseating dialogs to be found.

The troubles with the Coleman-Franken recount are numerous. First and foremost is ACORN’s involvement in voter fraud over the past two election cycles. While folks like Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (DFL) would prefer claim ACORN’s not a problem in Minnesota, that’s just too much of a stretch to be believed, considering the group’s been charged with voter fraud in 15 states and rising in the past couple of election cycles or so.

Of course, that’s another problem: Ritchie, a DFL loyalist, worked with ACORN before achieving public office and is not the most neutral of judges on their campaign ethics. Ritchie won the secretary of state’s office by being part of a effort called The Secretary Of State Project, designed to place radical liberals in those offices to help “massage” election results in favor of the donkeys.

Finally, the ONLY candidate benefiting from late “vote finds” is Franken, which is statistically just about impossible. Pretty soon we’ll be able to change our state motto to, “Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and 10,000 election fraud votes for Al Franken.”

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