REVIEW: Healthy cooking, healthy living

I bought my first George Foreman grill back around the time they were first introduced to the market. It was a tiny, one hamburger affair with a bun warmer, and I found it a great little tool for healthy cooking because of how conveniently it disposed of the fat.

However, after getting married, I didn’t keep it because it was just too small. Well, recently, I had a chance to acquire a new one for use my me and my wife. It’s a brand new, larger model with a digital readout and removable, dishwasher-safe grill plates, and all I can say is, the product, like George, has only improved with age.

With me being a bit overweight and struggling with high blood pressure, healthy living has become the new obsession for my wife and I, and any tool we can find to make pursuing good health quicker and easier is always welcomed in our household.

That’s what makes the G-Broil Supreme a great choice now that I’m married. The grill is big enough to hold two decent-sized skinless chicken breast fillets, which means my wife and I can eat at the same time, rather than one of us eating a cooled-down fillet while the other eats a piping-hot one.

That sort of equilibrium certainly helps in a marriage, and thus the G-Broil Supreme is the new welcomed tool in our household kitchen lineup. My wife has already used it frequently in the two weeks or so that we’ve had it, and as much as we love quesadillas, we are already using our new Foreman Grill for more often than we have our terrific quesadilla makers.

The G-Broil Supreme grill from Foreman Grills is one product that’s in our kitchen to stay, and just using it or watching my wife use it reminds me of the long and impressive career and never-say-quit attitude of George Foreman himself. That kind of inspiration is always welcome when battling the battle of the waist line and high blood pressure. Whether one is interested in merely healthy cooking, or a more complete healthy living approach is the goal, this is a great tool to accomplish either.

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