Coleman still leads by 292

No one is sending out any wedding invitations just yet, but with 86 percent of the mandatory recount completed, incumbent Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman still leads DFL challenger Al Franken by a gap of 292 votes.

While the last 14 percent of votes are still to be recounted and endless court challenges are planned, what most folks don’t like to admit is that at no point has Franken taken the lead in any final vote totals. Determined to turn this Senate election into another Florida Recount mess, we can count on Franken whining and appealing and recounting throughout Coleman’s six-year term.

But at this point, it’s hard to imagine a scenario that legitimately swings the election in Franken’s favor.

One thought on “Coleman still leads by 292”

  1. please google 2004 Washington state governors race Gregoire v Rossi……same close race… Rossi ahead after FIRST recount then on the second recount King County (Seattle) found more votes and Rossi lost by 130 votes or so……. so keep watching the MN race CLOSELY

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