International global warming court?

A British judge, Stephen Hockman, is leading a liberal drive to establish an international court to enforce environmental agreements between nations and “punish” nations who fail to comply with such agreements, according to the Telegraph UK Web site.

“The time is now ripe to set this up and get it going,” he said. “Its remit will be overall climate change and the need for better regulation of carbon emissions but at the same time the implementation and enforcement of international environmental agreements and instruments.”

Of course, part of “the time is now ripe” has to be translated thus: Barack Obama is the incoming US president and we have to get this passed while he holds the office. Get ready to get reamed, America. You voted for it, you’re gonna get it, kind of like the shocking price of renewal on term life insurance rates following the initial term.

It’s an Algore/zittohead wet dream.

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