AP’s Borenstein drunk on zittohead Kool-Aid

The sky is falling, according to the Associated Press and their writer, Seth Borenstein.

Borenstein is only the latest to pen a panicked story about global warming and file it under “news” rather than “opinion.” The radical Marxist left is certainly feeling their oats after the Obama victory, but now they are pressing ahead to make sure Obama does what they voted him in to do: destroy American society for the sake of Mother Nature.

Fortunately, in an exclusive fictional interview, Mother Nature told WonderfulPessimist.com, “Global warming? I’m feeling a bit of a chill, if my opinion counts for anything. I’ll be fine, though; I have a nice mug of herbal tea and honey. Don’t panic, dearies. I have a tankless water heater now and Mama’s just fine.”

Shortly after that fictional interview, a far-left hit-squad of zittoheads took Mother Nature out with a deadly spiked tea. Algore personally claimed full responsibility and reminded everyone he invented the Internet, in a hastily-released press release.

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