Franken just barely ahead in US Senate fraud-recount

Determined to continue counting until they can manufacture the healthy margin they wan Al Franken to win by, the Minnesota Recount group announced that, for the first time, Franken had pulled ahead of Norm Coleman in the recount by about 46 votes.

Yet it’s not enough for Minnesota Acorn Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and his band of election fraud workers, so the recount is continuing even though the numbers have always broken Franken’s way since recounting began; at one point, Coleman had won re-election by as much as over 750 votes. That means about 800 votes have broken Franken’s way so far, with no Coleman shift to even balance it out.

Forget the Hydroxycut reviews, the real weight-loss is going on with Coleman’s vote totals as Minnesota DFLers continue to count and to count and to count until thay have Franken up by a couple hundred thousand or so.

Amazing how we can be watching election fraud right before our eyes but no one can stop it.

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