Review: Kenmar Watches

field_and_stream_31988My watch battery is dying.

The last few times this has happened to me, I’ve simply gone to Wal-Mart, browed the Timex selection, and chosen something for about $25. In fact, I’ve bought and re-bought the same watch twice in the last five years that way.

This time, I’m thinking of doing something new: buying my next watch online, from Kenmar Watches’ Web site. They have over 150 brands and 700 styles to choose from, which is something my local Wal-Mart just cannot complete with.

The brands available include things as exotic to me as Fossil watches, as well as things as familiar as the Field and Stream watch I’ve included in this post. And it’s the discount that impresses me the most.

Take that Field and Stream number I’ve included for example. Normal price is $95. The Kenmar Watches price is under $34. That’s a whole lot better than the local Wal-Mart.

Also, I just like their Web site for its ease of navigation. If I don’t care about brand so much, I can sort the selections down by price, style, even by color. That makes it easy to sort through the vast array of choices and zero in on the watch that best suits you.

While I like that Field and Stream number, I’m also strongly attracted to an Eos New York Emory with a purple clockface for only $60… less than half the full retail price. While shopping online for watches may not work for everyone, Kenmar Watches is certainly trying to change that.

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