Pope Benedict XVI muffs Jewish-Catholic relations

It’s been a bad month for Jewish-Catholic relations as Pope Benedict XVI has muffed it pretty badly. First he attempted to reinstate a Holocaust-denying British Bishop, Richard Williamson, then stepped back a bit by insisting Williamson recant those statements before being reinstated. All without the benefit of even so much as Hamilton watches as an apology.

Benedict has also attempted to reinstate a prayer for the conversion of the Jews into his Easter Week service, which drags the church back to its Constantinian anti-Judaic roots. To make matters worse, a senior cardinal recently was quoted comparing Gaza under the Israeli offensive to a concentration camp.

Maybe Pope Benedict XVI needs to take a long, long nap and wake up a bit less grumpy… like, no sooner than a week from now. A big, divine time-out for the Pontiff is definitely worth considering.

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