Netanyahu may prevail; Obama sweats

Israel’s next prime minister may be Binyamin Netanyahu, leader of the conservative Likud Party. Although Likud finished one seat behind the incumbent center-left Kadima Party, conservative parties won far more seats than center and leftist parties, giving Netanyahu a stronger likelihood to form a coalition majority.

Israel’s shift to the right comes just as the US has taken a radical shift to the left under new President Barack Obama, he of the Patek Philippe watches. Obama, apparently, is arrogant enough to believe his victory last November means not only does the US need to give him his way because he won, but that Israel should, also.

Obama’s administration has openly rooted for Livni of Kadima to emerge as the victor. It will be interesting to see how Obama and company respond if Israel offers a hearty, “Screw you,” to Washington.

One thought on “Netanyahu may prevail; Obama sweats”

  1. I do look forward to Bibi telling Obama to butt out. The whole world knows Obama has no teeth; Obama is a man who thinks one can fix a broken leg with pretty words instead of a cast.

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