Obama most polarizing Prez in modern history

Dems really really love President Obama and Republicans… really really don’t. That’s the “big revelation” from a recent Pew Research Center that determined that, since Nixon, no modern president has been more polarizing that President Obama… not even George W. Bush, his “much hated” predecessor.

The hard numbers are these: President Obama has a 61-point gap between the percentage of Dems who approve of his job performance, and the percentage of Republicans who approve of his job performance. Bush’s gap was only 51 points.

Of course, this pole is on early job performance, not whole careers, and let’s be frank… Bush didn’t exactly land with a controversial boom the way President Obama has. It’s not likely to get much sweeter for Obama down the line, either, as approval ratings for presidents tend to erode the longer they are in office and although the gap is 61 points, that’s likely to narrow as more Dems grow dissatisfied with Obama’s reign; it numbers aren’t likely to act like car insurance rates among Republicans, either, as midterm elections and Obama’s re-election bid are likely to only make matters worse.

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