Obama behind latest 9-11 scare … really!

The Obama Administration is behind the latest strategy to remind New Yorkers of September 11, 2001; they chose to get a “photo op” of Air Force One flying in front of the Statue of Liberty at an elevation of only about 1,000 feet. Naturally, the airheaded stunt caused a panic in NYC that included some 9-11-style evacuations of office buildings. Those free insurance quotes couldn’t arrive fast enough!

While the President quickly claimed, ala Colonel Klink, that he knew nothing, he saw nothing … well, it’s the President’s own plane, for crying out loud. We’re supposed to swallow that? Let’s just hope New York remembers it come Election Day 2012.

“For seven years, George W. Bush kept America safe from a second 9-11… In about 100 days, Barack Obama re-enacted it. Who do you trust with America’s homeland security. It’s time to put the adults back in charge. Palin-Perry 2012!”

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