Specter switch isn’t much of one

After amassing a measly 40-percent conservative voting record and voting with the Republicans just over half the time, it came as a surprise to no one – except perhaps partner-in-RINO John McCain – when Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter flipped from GOP to the Democratic Party this week.

In an incoherent speech that rambled on about the GOP moving “too far to the right” (actually, it’s been suffering a severe leftward drift toward Specter’s side), about the only thing Specter didn’t blame the GOP for was plotting the spread of mesothelioma – and apparently only because his speech writer needed more time.

Considering his voting record, Specter’s switch matters only on paper; as long as Franken prevails in his election fraud victory, the Dems will have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for the next couple years. Which is great, when you think about it; no longer can anything Barack does be blamed on Republicans going forward.

This is the Dem majority’s mess, like it or not.

The good news is, Specter was facing a primary challenge from a real conservative in the Pennsylvania GOP, who now should sail to the nomination. And there’s no guarantee the Dems will nominate Specter. Even if they do, let them have him. He’s 79 and shouldn’t be running for a sixth term anyway.

While we’re at it, let’s show the rest of the RINOs in the Senate the door, too; it may bury the GOP in the short term, but it could very well save the party’s conservative soul.

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