Eight traitors help climate bill pass

I can think of eight GOP congressional reps who really don’t want their jobs anymore; they made that obvious by kissing Nancy Pelosi’s ring (and rear) to help the Obama climate change bill – which includes the economically-toxic cap-n-trade legislation – pass the House vote.

Despite 44 brave Democrats crossing Pelosi to oppose the bill, eight idiot Republicans also crossed party lines to support the toxic legislation. So here’s the GOP hit-list for the next round of US Congressional elections, the eight RINOs who need to be cleansed from the system. They are:

  • Rep. Mary Bono (Calif.)
  • Rep. Michael Castle (Del.)
  • Rep. Mark Kirk (Ill.)
  • Rep. Leonard Lance (N.J.)
  • Rep. Frank LoBiondo (N.J.)
  • Rep. John McHugh (N.Y.)
  • Rep. David Reichert (Wash.)
  • Rep. Christopher Smith (N.J.)

Remember those names in November of 2010, people. If they aren’t ousted by their local GOP, vote for the Dem opponent. At least then, you’d know you’re getting a liberal, rather than a turncoat. Send all eight of them into Congressional retirement; they’d probably be better off selling Wilmington NC real estate.

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