Cash for Clunkers killing used car market?

On a purely partisan vote of 60-37, the Senate approved an additional $2 billion in funding to keep the Cash for Clunkers corporate welfare program alive for another couple weeks. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was off to the mall to buy Ugg womens shoes, Harry Reid’s Senate forged ahead with the taxpayer-funded car rebate program.

Of course, the secret is that the Cash for Clunkers program is actually an anti-SUV deal and is really hurting the used car market; many of the cars being traded in would make excellent used cars for folks who, even with government aid, can’t afford a new car but could afford a good used car.

But no; Cash for Clunkers has the old trade-ins destroyed so that the country can kill off cars Obama and his congressional cronies have decided they don’t like. That’s change you can believe in?

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