Kennedy called on to resign by Boston Globe

The Boston Globe – bastion of liberalism – has nevertheless called on Ted Kennedy to resign his US Senate seat. Not because of Mary Jo Kopechne, nor because of his need to lose belly fat, nor because of his absolute corruption of the Kennedy name, but because he’s sick, has brain cancer, and probably will not be able to live out his final term, which ends in 2012.

Kennedy has been absent for most of the US Senate’s 270 roll-call votes this year, and Massachusetts is basically short one Senator. So of course the Boston Globe’s solution is: quick, let’s get another Democrat in there before the voters can have a say.

Kennedy, who helped strip the Massachusetts governor of his right to name a replacement back when Republican Mitt Romney was governor, is now trying to restore that power, now that the Dems are back in control of the Governor’s mansion.

See what I mean by that “absolute corruption” remark yet?

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