Obama shifts health care strategy

Well, don’t count the victory just yet, America.

Although the Politico and other sources are now reporting that President Obama is caving to pressure and is willing to forgo the “public option” in a compromise health care overhaul bill, don’t think for a second that the “public option” is going away any faster than a high-end mattress.

The truth is that to save face and perhaps his Presidency, Obama is willing to put on the public face of seeming disinterested in the “public option.” But that’s just a White House smokescreen. The real architects of the health care bill are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. And they’re both still committed to including a “public option” even if they have to stealth it through while the public is rollicking in a false sense of victory.

The battle’s far from over. Save your fireworks. This thing’s still in the opening rounds.

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